Burlington Northern Railroad Historical Review 1970-1995 

By Robert C. Del Grosso

Burlington Northern Railroad Historical Review

  • This all-color book covers the Burlington Northern in three different ways. First, the book examines the little-seen side of the BN story - how the railroad and its predecessors fared at the juncture of free enterprise and government regulation, aided or deterred by specific political events. Some of these factors affected the railroad industry as a whole, while others affected BN to a greater or lesser extent. Second, the initial roster of the BNSF Railway is covered, including locomotive renumberings and paint schemes. And finally, the units' incorporated into the BNSF rosters are covered in a unit-by-unit listing, complete with extensive photographic coverage.

    Hardcover, 8-1/2x11", vertical format, 240 pages
Diesel Era
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